20 August 2015

Australian supermarket giant Woolworths should not be left behind by Coles in removing the harmful Zoo Weekly magazine from shelves, The Australian Christian Lobby said today.

The decision by Coles comes on the back of new policy from Hilton Hotels & Resorts to remove in-room porn services from rooms worldwide.

ACL Spokesperson for Women, Wendy Francis, said that these are necessary steps towards reducing domestic violence and showing real leadership on the issue.

“Research is increasingly telling us that this issue is strongly linked to the commodification and sexualisation of women in our culture.

“Too many of this country’s women have been lost. We mourn the deaths of 58 women so far this year who have been killed through domestic violence. Large corporations like Coles and Hilton have shown great leadership towards turning this around.

“Community standards are changing in response to research and growing awareness of the domestic violence issue.

“Part of our response must be to weed out offensive magazines that degrade women in both their images and their articles.

“We call on Woolworths to follow Coles’ leadership and show Zoo the door.”