10 November 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today called on the Baird government to drop its laws to extend Boxing Day trading across New South Wales.

And ACL's NSW Director, Mark Makowiecki, called on the Christian Democratic Party, which will cast the deciding votes in the Upper House, to oppose the legislation.

Retail trading on Boxing Day is permitted in the Sydney CBD and eastern suburbs, but the changes proposed to the Retail Trading Act NSW would allow retailers in cities such as Parramatta, Liverpool and Wollongong to follow suit.

Mr Makowiecki noted that while retailers and some consumers might welcome the change, the needs of workers to spend time with their families over the Christmas break should be considered.

"There are plenty of shopping opportunities already in our society. But lifting the Boxing Day restrictions to satisfy the desire for more shopping time comes at a cost to those with little or no bargaining power," Mr Makowiecki said.

"If Boxing Day trading is liberalised, many thousands of workers will be expected to sacrifice their Christmas break.  Shopping on Boxing Day may be a luxury for some, but for others it means sacrificing their family holiday so as not to displease the boss.  Anyone who's held a casual or part-time job has experienced these pressures."

"The cost to families will far outweigh the benefits to the NSW economy.  Therefore, the ACL asks the CDP to honour its election promise to protect workers' rights on public holidays, by voting down the proposed changes," Mr Makowiecki said.