All eyes are on Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST this election.

But how much do you know about their policies?

Will they scrap Labor’s controversial ‘Safe Schools’ program?

Radical gay sex and gender programs like ‘Safe Schools’ have no place in our schools.

No kids should be bullied or made to feel unsafe in school.

But that’s not what this program is.

It’s a radical gay sex and gender program masquerading as an anti-bullying program.

By all accounts, SA-BEST is set to play a pivotal role in the next South Australian parliament.

So ACL supporters are writing to Nick Xenophon asking SA-BEST to promise to use their influence to scrap this controversial program.

Please sign this open letter today.

2,000 signatures needed

Dear Nick Xenophon

I’m writing to you about the Labor Government’s controversial gay sex and gender schools program, the so-called ‘Safe Schools’.

The government has tried to sell this as an anti-bullying initiative, but really, it’s a program designed to bring radical LGBTIQ theories into the classroom.

‘Safe Schools’ teaches kids their gender is fluid and not based on biology.

Will you promise to use your party’s influence in the next parliament to put an end to this controversial program?