6 May 2010

British Police have sanctioned the throwing of shoes by Muslim protesters on the grounds that it is a 'symbolic' political gesture rather than a criminal act of violence." So whilst throwing a bottle or a non-Islamic shoe is considered criminal violence; shoe-throwing by a Muslim is an act of "ritual protest". Muslims have quickly used the concession to their advantage pelting Downing Street with shoes during a recent protest against Israel. "Ski boots and clogs were also hurled at the US consulate in Edinburgh in a related protest, in which three policemen were injured."

The decision essentially means that Muslim shoe-throwing is to be "regarded not as an act of violence but as a protected form of speech." One commentator, with tongue in cheek, queried the Muslim's right to throw Ski boots and clogs. "Did the Prophet, blessings be upon him, also take a special interest in ice-skates, toe-capped Doc Martens and spiked golf shoes?" As far as I am concerned he said "Your freedom to swing your arm . . . ends where it meets my nose."

Source: The Australian Prayer Network who attributed the article to The Telegraph (UK)