17 September 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed news that Zoo Weekly, the men’s magazine that contributed to a culture of objectification and violence against women, has folded.

This follows Coles supermarkets last month removing the magazine from shelves as a result of a community Petition.

ACL Spokesperson for Women, Wendy Francis, said the news is encouraging as many in our community are recognising the damage that porn is doing to our society.

“Anybody can see these magazines devalue women in the eyes of men. To reduce a woman to objects with inadequate clothing for the gratification of men is not the mark of a civil society.

"The idea that porn should be mainstream is increasingly being questioned and this is a positive development," Ms Francis said.

“We know that pornography contributes to violence against women and it is good that this magazine will no longer be promoted to men and children at Woolworths supermarkets following the failure of politicians and regulators to act.

“But it’s exciting to see community feeling has turned on this, in recent months Coles is not the only organization taking a stand on harmful material. Hilton Hotels and Resorts have banned porn from guestrooms worldwide, and earlier today Melbourne University’s Ormond College has banned harmful pornography from it’s wifi networks.

“Just because Zoo will no longer be on supermarket shelves does not mean the battle against harmful porn is over.

"We must focus our efforts on creating a safe environment online for women and children by deploying available internet filtering technology," Ms Francis said.\