Our post-Christian age: There are answers.

One week
Australia’s top Christian thinkers
The Bible and science
Gender and sexuality
Christianity and politics
Cultural change and you
Are you ready?

This week-long program acts as a GPS, enabling participants to navigate their way through the landscape of ideas and attractions that universities promote. Designed for people aged 18-25.

"I’m excited about going to university, and I’m fully expecting my beliefs to be challenged but I also want to have the knowledge to be able to challenge back."

Course cost: $750.00. For more information see our 'Indicative program' below.

Indicative program

(Indicative only, subject to change)

"GPS was exactly what I needed. I’m not only ready for university and a secular career but also encouraging and equipping other Christians to navigate our secular age."

"The world’s never been changing more quickly and as a Christian I wanted to understand it and be active in it."