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Michelle Pearse, Chief Executive Officer

The Truth Behind the Gender Agenda

Discover the alarming reality of gender ideology infiltrating society in this new in-depth video series. Join ACL CEO Michelle Pearse as each episode builds upon the next, advocating for an Australia-wide independent inquiry into gender medicine and practices. Despite evidence from the Cass Review, leaked WPATH files and global trends, Australia resists change. Michelle dissects this complex issue, revealing truths, debunking myths, and calling for urgent action. Watch now to uncover the truth and demand accountability.

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Defending Religious Freedom: Join Our Campaign Today

Please take action today to protect religious freedom in Australia. 

The federal government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill and amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act, pose significant threats to the free expression of religious beliefs and practices.

A Christian Perspective

Explore a biblical perspective on today’s pressing cultural issues. Grounded in Scripture, these insightful articles and resources apply Christian wisdom to challenging societal questions. Discover a clear, compassionate voice equipping believers to engage the world with grace, truth, and understanding of God’s design for human flourishing.

Action Campaigns

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VIC Lord’s Prayer

Take Action NowThe Lord’s Prayer has been recited in the Victorian Parliaments since 1857. It is a reminder that our country’s heritage, and freedom, is founded on Christian principles. It

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QLD Live Births Bill 

Take Action NowAll Newborns Deserve ‘Best-Practice’ Medical Care.Abortion has been legal in Queensland from conception to full-term since the Termination of Pregnancy Act 2018 came into effect on December 3rd,

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Take Action NowIdeology-based third-party groups are vying to teach your children sex education under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’ and ‘respectful relationships’ programs. Last week, the Advertiser and the ABC reported that year

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National Poll on gender attitudes

Discover what Australians think about topics related to gender, sex and identity.

A new independent poll reveals the views of the Australian public on issues such as gender-affirming care, education, gender transitions, and more. Gain valuable insights into the perspectives of your fellow citizens and stay informed on this critical discussion shaping our society.

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