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Misinformation & Disinformation Bill

This bill has the potential to enforce
ideological conformity in Australia.

Proposed by the Albanese government the Misinformation & Disinformation Bill will erode democracy, disregard any potential religious exemptions and conveniently exempt the government and main stream media from its draconian law.

If this Bill was to pass, the government would be the arbiters of truth and control information in the public square.

Action Campaigns

Support the Pangallo Inquiry

This is the most important inquiry the SA Parliament can hold. It concerns the future and health of our kids, grandkids and other vulnerable people.Here are some more extracts from

Misinformation and Disinformation Bill

Oppose the Government’s attempts to enforce ideological conformity in Australia.Stand up for freedom and democracy!The Albanese Government’s proposed Combating Misinformation and Disinformation Bill threatens the very essence of our democratic

WENDY FRANCIS, national director, politics

Fridays with Francis

A new media series that dives into politics and culture with
Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics.

Fridays with Francis promises to be a must-watch series that will leave you informed and empowered on the issues that impact you today.

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National Poll on gender attitudes

Discover what Australians think about topics related to gender, sex and identity.

A new independent poll reveals the views of the Australian public on issues such as gender-affirming care, education, gender transitions, and more. Gain valuable insights into the perspectives of your fellow citizens and stay informed on this critical discussion shaping our society.

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The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5

Latest News

A Lament for Babies we Kill

Will you hear my cry?Or will you let me die? Before I see the light Or jump up high in delight So many like me will dieO will you hear my cry? With the

Canberra’s Calvary

The closure of a Catholic hospital has become a matter of life, death and conscience.Has Canberra become a hostile environment for those of religious faith?Many observers of the compulsory acquisition

WA: Abortion laws to change…for the worse

In November 2022 the McGowan Government announced that it was moving to modernise WA’s abortion laws. Public submissions were called for.  ACL provided a detailed and well-researched submission.  The Health Department

Qld: Sex Self-ID Bill final vote

The ACL along with over 175 organisations and individuals who made submissions opposingthe Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill (2022) will be carefully watching theQueensland Parliament during its next sitting


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