Stop the Attack on Christian Education and Religious Freedom in Australia

The fight is on for the hearts of our children. 

The future of Christian education in Australia is under threat. The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has recommended sweeping reforms that would force Christian schools to compromise their deeply held beliefs on sexuality and gender.

If we don’t take urgent action now, we could see the end of authentic Christian schooling in Australia.

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To: The Prime Minister of Australia, the Attorney General, the Education Minister, and their Shadow counterparts,

I am deeply concerned about the legislative proposals by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) that could compromise the spiritual welfare of Australia’s children and silence truth in Christian schools.

These proposals will restrict Christian schools by

  • denying them the right to hire staff who share their religious ethos unless their role is specifically “a religious role”, such as a religious studies teacher or a chaplain,
  • preventing them requiring staff to model the school’s religious beliefs on gender and sexuality,
  • denying them the right to address student behaviour in these areas.

I believe that it is crucial to protect the rights of Christian schools and educators to provide a faith-based education that aligns with their beliefs.

I urge you to reject this dangerous legislation and defend religious freedom.

Our children deserve access to a faith-based education and Christian schools deserve the right to provide such an education without fear of litigation or persecution.

As a nation, we must stand up for what is right and defend our religious freedom. I call on you to listen to our voices and take action to protect Christian schools and religious freedom in Australia.

Sign this petition now and help us protect the future of Christian education in Australia.

9,313 signatures, towards a goal of 30,000.

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