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Help Protect Religious Freedom in SA

Take Action NowIf you live in South Australia, your participation in this email campaign will have a positive impact on securing religious freedom protections for our State.  Religious freedom could be…

Misinformation and Disinformation Bill

Oppose the Government’s attempts to enforce ideological conformity in Australia.Stand up for freedom and democracy!The Albanese Government’s proposed Combating Misinformation and Disinformation Bill threatens the very essence of our democratic…

One Click Away

Children are just one click away from accessing or being accidentally exposed to pornography online.Australian research shows that 69% of boys and 23% of girls first viewed pornography at age 13…

Outdoor advertising should be G-rated

Everywhere you look – on billboards, bus shelters and in shopping centres – there are explicit and offensive images.Child development experts and groups like the Australian Medical Association have reported…

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Oppose oppressive laws planned for Tasmania

There are moves to introduce the most oppressive laws ever proposed for Tasmania in the form of Conversion Suppression legislation – with the Premier’s support. The Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI)…


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