Australian Christian Lobby

Established in 1996, the ACL has been at the forefront of grassroots activation and lobbying efforts to protect the rights and values of Christians in Australia.

With a focus on critical issues such as religious freedom, life and family, the ACL works to promote a Christian perspective on social and political issues.

Through a strong and united grassroots movement with over 250,000 Australians, the ACL mobilises Christians across the country to take action on behalf of their faith, making a significant impact on the political landscape in Australia.


Through strategic lobbying and engagement with politicians and government officials, ACL influence policy decisions and legislation at every level.

ACL’s unwavering commitment to upholding truth and righteousness, holds the government accountable to provide a just and democratic society.

Their direct government connections and advocacy efforts make ACL a force to be reckoned with within the halls of parliaments across the country.

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ACL’s grassroots movement empowers individuals to take meaningful action and get their voices heard at every level of government – from local councils to federal parliament.

With a shared commitment to promoting Christian values and principles, ACL’s passionate grassroots community of over 250,000 like-minded individuals drives the movement forward.

It provides a unique opportunity to effect real change and shape the future of Australia for the better.

Grounded in timeless Gospel truth, ACL seek to influence the way Australians are governed, conduct business, and relate to one another, promoting a just and compassionate society.