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  • ACL Calls For an End to Culture of Secrecy Amid Denials and Delays  Governments across Australia are increasingly ‘turning out the lights’ on transparency by refusing and delaying legitimate requests for public information, according to one of the nation’s leading advocacy organisations.  Wendy Francis, the Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) National Director for Politics, said, “A… Read More

  • Australia’s Capital Territory is considering a proposal to expand its voluntary assisted dying scheme so that those with reduced mental capacity can consent to their death.   The suggested amendments, put forward by Marisa Paterson MLA, would allow patients who have experienced a decline in mental capacity towards the end of the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) process to end… Read More

  • Media has given a lot of attention of late to the plight of adolescents in our digital age including the 7NEWS SPOTLIGHT feature of the gaming addiction epidemic on 10 May, and the Townsville Bulletin report on Aussie teens “pulling knives out” when their parents threaten to cut off Wi-Fi.  No doubt, addiction to screen-time impacts a… Read More

  • NT’s Health Minister Selena Uibo has failed to address the growing medical scandal occurring in the Northern Territory.   On the 10th of April 2024 the Cass review was published exposing the shocking lack of evidence supporting puberty suppression in children.   This review has instigated bans on puberty blockers in the UK and Ireland – while France, Finland and… Read More

  • Yesterday UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, staked his position clearly in response to concerns about the social contagion element of gender dysphoria – corroborated by the Cass Review – by enacting a prohibition on teaching gender ideology in schools.  Giving rise to restrictions on puberty blockers around the world, the Cass Review has destabilised the alleged foundation for… Read More

  • A pastoral letter titled “We are the Salt of the Earth”, directed to people of faith by Tasmanian Archbishop Julian Porteous’, has raised the ire of LGBTQA+ groups who claim the letter is spreading ‘misinformation’.   Christopher Brohier the Tasmanian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “For a large number of Australians this letter… Read More

  • Proposed social media ban for under 14’s underscores needed restrictions on porn and transactivist content.   This weekend, Premier Peter Malinauskas announced a nation-first initiative to ban social media for children under the age of 14, coupled with parental consent requirements for 14–15 year-olds.  Inspired by overseas examples, the South Australian Government is currently seeking legal advice… Read More

  • The embattled Victorian state schools have been rocked by another scandal with outrageous student misbehavior in full display on social media. The Herald Sun exposed the latest “Lacking” social media trend with footage of Victorian students  being “threatened with tasers, heads shoved into toilets and humiliated with naked photos”. This disturbing trend comes amid reports indicating bullying… Read More

  • The NSW Health Minister’s refusal to address glaring record-keeping deficiencies at Maple Leaf House, a regional gender clinic, has triggered significant concern regarding patient safety and transparency in the healthcare system.   Maple Leaf House, which opened just two years ago, recorded 443 new referrals in 2023 and attended to 983 patients, a stark contrast to Sydney’s… Read More

  • The Queensland Labor Government’s passing of the ‘Criminal Code (Decriminalising Sex Work) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024’ highlights the Miles Government’s commitment to progressing a radical social reform agenda despite the latest polls pointing to a landslide loss at October’s election. Queensland Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Rob Norman said, “Labor and The Greens… Read More