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  • A Lament for Babies we Kill

    Will you hear my cry?Or will you let me die? Before I see the light Or jump up high in delight So many like me will dieO will you hear my cry?  With the passing of abortion to birth legislation, Australia now has the most brutal laws in relation to abortion in the world, perhaps tying for this dishonor… Read More

  • Canberra’s Calvary

    The closure of a Catholic hospital has become a matter of life, death and conscience. Has Canberra become a hostile environment for those of religious faith? Many observers of the compulsory acquisition of Calvary Hospital by the ACT Government are unconvinced by official claims that it is to achieve an efficiently run Territory-wide public hospital… Read More

  • WA Billboard saga – an interim victory! 

    Earlier this year, a huge billboard with a sexually explicit photo in Osborne Park in WA sparked public outrage.  The mainstream media and talk back radio carried the story.   There was broad community outrage.  The result was that some 350 formal complaints were lodged with AD Standards.   ACL was one of the many community groups… Read More

  • WA: Abortion laws to change…for the worse

    In November 2022 the McGowan Government announced that it was moving to modernise WA’s abortion laws.  Public submissions were called for.  ACL provided a detailed and well-researched submission.  The Health Department had an online survey that required multiple-choice type responses, which did not allow for any views other than maintaining the current law or liberalising… Read More

  • Qld: Sex Self-ID Bill final vote

    The ACL along with over 175 organisations and individuals who made submissions opposingthe Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill (2022) will be carefully watching theQueensland Parliament during its next sitting week commencing Tuesday 13 June.According to the Parliamentary hearing transcript, experts testified during the CommitteeInquiry that sex is immutable and that changing the birth sex… Read More

  • More children to be denied the right to a father and mother

    The McGowan Government has announced that it supports the recommendations of the Ministerial Expert Panel to rewrite West Australia’s surrogacy and reproductive technology legislation to allow single men and same sex couples access to surrogacy. Under WA current laws (Surrogacy Act 2008) only heterosexual couples can access surrogacy in WA.Regrettably, these recommendations are grounded in… Read More

  • WA: Premier McGowan quits politics

    The resignation of WA Premier Mark McGowan has caught everyone by surprise. After serving as a  State MP for 26 years and Premier for six years, he has decided to quit politics, effective Friday. He says he is exhausted and burnt out. The COVID years and being Premier and Treasurer appear to have taken their… Read More

  • The worst medical scandal in 100 years is being exposed

    The evidence is now mounting that the affirmation model of treatment for sex confusedchildren is wrong and harmful and is likely to be the “worst medical scandal in 100 years”.“As the Australian reported on Tuesday 30 May 2021, a top Victorian Family Court barristerBelle Lane has delivered a paper to the Federal Circuit and Family… Read More

  • WA Rally for Life

    This years Rally for Life at the WA Parliament drew a crowd of close to 2000 people, much the same as last year.    The Rally marked the 25th Anniversary of the passing of WA’s abortion laws in 1998, which has seen some   200,000 unborn children not getting to see the light of day on account… Read More

  • Vic: Drag Queen Story Time

    You may have heard that the Victorian Government recently held a Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) in Parliament House, ostensibly to oppose bigotry. The Premier and other ministers and Labor MPs attended. You can read about it here. This occurred because though some libraries across Victoria had organised Drag Queen story time for children, they… Read More