Speak up for the babies born alive following abortion

Every week in Australia, babies survive abortions and are left to die without medical assistance or even pain relief because it has been decided by adults that they do not deserve to live.

In response to this shocking fact, three senators have presented a bill to parliament which calls for legal protections to ensure that babies born alive after a termination procedure are provided the same medical treatment and pain relief as other babies born at the same gestational age and clinical condition.

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Take action today

Use the form below to send an email to the Prime Minister and the Federal Senate requesting their support for this bill – it will only take a couple of minutes. The email is prepared for you, but you can change it into your own words if you would prefer. Be concise and respectful.

Please note: the salutation at the start and your name at the end will both be appended automatically. Please don’t add these to the letter below, eg please do not address the email “Dear leader’s name”.

You can help them get this bill across the line.

Thank you for standing up to protect babies born alive.

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