Oppose the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill

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There is a danger that NSW parents could lose the legal right to discuss issues of gender, sex and sexuality with their children under new ‘conversion practices’ legislation which would introduce ‘conversion’ bans related to “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. 

Despite the government holding a confidential consultation process, the Sydney Morning Herald leaked sections of the discussion paper which reveal that the proposed ban to so-called ‘conversion practices’ could see parents, pastors, and healthcare workers criminalised for adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach to children  who are confused about their sex.  

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This is despite numerous advanced nations including the UK, Finland and Sweden moving away from “affirmation therapy”. This is based on research suggesting social affirmation and medical intervention on children experiencing gender incongruence has serious long-term and often irreversible medical effects. 

If such legislation passed, we may see harm caused to our most vulnerable in society. We must respond promptly and pressure the new Minns government to provide specific protections for parents, pastors and medical professionals to ensure the safety of our children and the freedom to uphold a biblical view of sex and sexuality. 

What is it about: 

Pre-election promises made by the government in February promised to carve out protections in the conversion practices legislation to ensure the freedom of religious belief. The media has since reported on the government proposed bill revealing a substantial waver from what was initially promised. The current legislative proposal fails to offer assured protections for parents, pastors, counsellor, and those offering advice or assistance at the individuals consent. Leaked information on the report includes the following: 

  1. Clinicians being pressured by the law to forgo best-practice and conform to a dangerous trans-affirming narrative which may result in harm to those most vulnerable. 
  2. Prosecution of parents who advise their gender-confused child against undergoing medical reassignment procedures which often have irreversible effects 
  3. Prohibition of pastors or churchgoers directly pastoring or praying for a congregant who may be disillusioned about their sex or have issues with their sexual conduct. 

These developments are alarming. Those who experience gender incongruence, especially children and young adults, are some of the most vulnerable in our society. It is imperative that they can hear a scientific perspective that they are biologically and unalterably male or female and a biblical perspective which explains that “God created them in his own image, male and female he created them (Gen 1:27). That they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps 139:14) and loved by Him. This is an assurance of truth that must not be hindered. 

Your action today will send a strong message to the Minns Government that these legislative reforms are not acceptable. 

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