Reject Alex Greenwich’s “Equality Bill”

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Independent MP for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has consistently been responsible for some of the most draconian laws in New South Wales. 

In 2019, Mr Greenwich introduced a bill that passed both houses titled the Abortion Law Reform Act 2019, decriminalising abortion in the state.  

In 2021, he introduced the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021, which passed the following year making assisted suicide accessible in NSW as of late last year. 

Now, on the 14th of March 2024, Greenwich is aiming to push through an equally sinister bill he calls the ‘Equality Bill’.

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The Bill makes numerous concerning amendments across the statute book, including reforms that: 

  • Undermine the right to religious freedom in churches and schools (sch. 1) 
  • Permit over 16s to self-designate their sex on their birth certificate (sch. 2) 
  • Omit parents from their child’s decision to commence irreversible medical transition therapies (sch. 3). 
  • Liberalise public acts of sex (prostitution) in front of schools, churches and hospitals (sch. 18) 
  • Open the door for commercial surrogacy and consequently the exploitation of vulnerable women (sch. 19). 

In almost every amendment of this Bill, there is a subversion of truth and justice in the name of individual sexual autonomy. We urge you, to contact your local MP and call on them to reject the “Equality” Bill in full. 

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