Defending Religious Freedom: Join Our Campaign Today

The federal government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill and amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act, pose significant threats to the free expression of religious beliefs and practices.  Please take action today to protect religious freedom in Australia. 

Religious freedom is not only a constitutional right but also a cornerstone of our society’s values. It allows individuals and communities to express and live out their faith without fear of persecution or discrimination. However, recent legislative developments threaten to restrict this fundamental freedom, particularly in the context of education and religious institutions.

Christian schools and educational institutions will have no legal right to preference in employment based on behavioural standards, for example- insisting that staff adhere to a lifestyle that abstains from sexual immorality… and anyone who teaches or preaches, in schools or churches where someone feels intimidated by a biblical message on the nature of sin- may be accused of discrimination. If a secular judge does not view their teaching or preaching as reasonable, they may be found to have breached the law.  

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We are committed to advocating for policies that protect and uphold religious freedom for all Australians. We believe that individuals should have the right to freely express their religious beliefs, whether in the classroom, the workplace, or the public square.

For God’s glory, and for the sake of future generations, we must make a stand now for the gospel. The gospel is the Good News of salvation, and it carries the power to transform lives. Let’s stand for the freedom to preach, teach, and act in accordance with the gospel and send a clear message to the government to protect religious freedom today.  

Follow the prompts below to send an urgent email to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Attorney-General, Shadow Attorney-General, and your local federal MP.

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