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Your religious freedom should be protected by law in Australia. But right now, under federal law it’s not… and that puts you at great risk.

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Christians in Australia face job terminations based on their faith, while churches, Christian schools, and Calvary Hospital are restricted in their speech and operations. The forced acquisition of Catholic Calvary Hospital by the ACT Government sets a concerning precedent.

You should be allowed to think, speak, and act according to what you believe.

Faith-based institutions should be able to operate freely, according to their ethos.

The Australian Government promised to include religious protections in federal law, but they are yet to deliver on this promise. It is crucial for the government to take action and provide legal safeguards for religious freedom.

Australia, now is the time to act.

Michelle Pearse

Michelle Pearse
Chief Executive Officer

Petition Text

To Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton,

I’m deeply concerned about the lack of legal protections for religious freedom in federal law.

People of faith are facing discrimination, including being fired from their jobs because of their beliefs. Churches and Christian schools are being restricted in what they can say and how they operate. Anti-discrimination legislation offers no protection for them.

Religious freedom is a universal human right. Please take strong action to ensure that every Australian is free to live according to their faith.

Yours sincerely,

Sign this petition to ask Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton to provide religious protections for people of faith.

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