Keep prayer in Adelaide City Council

Adelaide City Council wants to remove prayer from their meetings, along with a tribute to war veterans and an acknowledgment of Colonel William Light. These traditions preserve our collective memory!

Prayer reminds people that our democracy was founded on Christian truth. This must not be erased from our national history. It also acknowledges our frailty and dependence on a higher power. Prayer changes things. 

Please email the members of the Adelaide City Council to ask them NOT to remove prayer, or the other tributes, from their Council meetings.

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Take action today

Using the form below, please write an urgent letter to the Lord Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all councillors – it will only take a couple of minutes. Be concise and respectful.

Please note: the salutation at the start and your name at the end will both be appended automatically. Please don’t add these to the letter below, eg please do not address the email “Dear councillor’s name”.

When you complete your name and address in the box below, your letter will be directed to the Lord Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all councillors.

Thank you for standing up for religious freedom.

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