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A landmark UK report has revealed that children who believe they are transgender may have mental health issues. For this reason, current Australian gender clinic practices which place children onto a pathway to transition must be stopped. Children should not be rushed onto a path to change gender, but rather they should have access to counselling which addresses any mental health issues they may have rather than being put on drugs. Neither should children be allowed to change gender in school without their parents’ knowledge or consent.  

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So-called ‘gender medicine’ is neither science nor medicine.

Leaked World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) documents have revealed the truth behind transgender treatments and surgeries. The very institution tasked with safeguarding gender care is culpable in conducting experimental treatments that inflict widespread harm.

The files expose shocking revelations, including clinicians’ awareness of the carcinogenic risks of testosterone and discussions surrounding patients who may have tragically perished due to hormone treatment. Despite these revelations, Australian clinics rely heavily on WPATH’s directives for gender care practices.

WPATH’s activist agenda has been shown to have no place in healthcare. Instead, evidence-based, ethical practices must be prioritised.

All gender transition treatments in Australian clinics should be suspended until an urgent inquiry is initiated.

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 We, the undersigned, petition the Australian Senate to urgently conduct a formal, independent inquiry to investigate what should be medical best practice in treating gender confusion in children and young adults. 

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