South Australian Petition: Reverse Premier’s Decision to Stifle Gender Inquiry! 

Despite widespread support, on 6 February 2024, the South Australian Labor government announced it would not be supporting independent MLC Frank Pangallo’s motion for an inquiry into the care provided to children and adolescents with gender dysphoria.  

South Australia’s Premier, the Hon Peter Malinauskas MP, refused to allow a conscience vote on what would have been a nation-first opportunity to properly investigate the impact of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and other treatments that come under the banner of ‘affirmation therapy’.  

Currently, SA Health Guidelines posit an affirmation-approach as the best and only viable option for minors experiencing gender dysphoria – ignoring the global shift away from this approach and fast-tracking kids down the path of experimental medications. 

Long-term and irreversible effects of puberty suppression include cognitive decline, potential infertility and serious reproductive and hormonal complications, and impacts on physical growth and bone density, among other effects. 

Petition Text

To the Premier of South Australia the Hon Peter Malinauskas MP, 

We are deeply disappointed with the decision to refuse a conscience vote for the Hon Frank Pangallo MLC’s motion for a select committee to inquire and report on young people seeking assistance for gender dysphoria in South Australia and related matters.  

Children and adolescents in South Australia who are gender-questioning are being fast-tracked onto experimental medications, that is – the off-label use of puberty-blockers – through an ‘affirmation approach’ to gender care according to SA Health Guidelines. 

The skyrocketing number of de-transitioners, and their devastating stories, are a testament to the deleterious effects of an affirmation approach. Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the UK, alongside various Canadian Provinces and states in the United States, are among those jurisdictions now tightening restrictions on gender-affirming care because of evidence regarding the harm it causes. Even the Netherlands, which started the affirmation approach, is now conducting an inquiry. 

The longer the delay on an inquiry, the more kids are being harmed through the narrow approach of affirmation care. 

Expert evidence must be put squarely before Parliament to help inform the best approach to care for children questioning their gender. 

This matter is pressing. This is about our kids, their health, their lives.  

We petition you to reverse your decision and to support an inquiry into the care provided to South Australian kids with gender dysphoria. 

Sign this petition today to urge the Premier to reverse his decision, and to allow an inquiry into the treatment being provided to kids with gender dysphoria in SA.