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You might assume that it is a rare situation for a baby to be born alive during a failed abortion, but it’s not. Researchers at the Parliamentary Library provided the following data…

  • In Victoria from 2012-2016, 198 babies were born alive and left to die
  • In Queensland from 2005-2015, 204 babies were born alive and left to die
  • In Western Australia from 1999-2016, 27 babies were born alive and left to die

Records are not kept in all states, but the data that is available suggests that hundreds of babies are born alive during abortions in Australia every year. Queensland Health has confirmed that in cases of a ‘live birth’ abortion,

“Life-saving care is not rendered to the baby and it is left to perish in the clinic.”

Your help is needed to call upon the Government to adopt The Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021 as its own, or to allow the bill to be debated as a Private Member's Bill. Feel free to use any of the information above to personalise your email, or you can use the text provided for you. Thank you!

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