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The Australian Christian Lobby is a grassroots community organisation that stands up for God’s truth in Australia, in the face of consistent attacks on Christian values.

We receive no government or corporate funding, and rely on the support of friends like you to ensure we can represent the interests of Christians all over Australia.

With your support, we stand up for the dignity of all people, and protect the freedom of speech and freedom of religion that we currently enjoy.

But your help is needed to keep protecting those rights and freedoms at a time when truth has stumbled in our nation (Isaiah 59:14), and faith-based values are being undermined.

So please, give generously, and help make God’s truth public!

Make a greater impact!


Raise a stronger voice for truth as an ACL OneVoice Advocate

Your monthly partnership with Australian Christian Lobby will help promote God’s truth even further on an increasing number of crucial issues like religious freedom, euthanasia, abortion, and much more.

Become an ACL OneVoice Advocate through your monthly gift today and together we’ll ensure that God’s truth continues to influence our politicians and transform our nation!