Religious Freedom

Australians should have the freedom to peacefully live out and express their faith without fear of persecution and discrimination. Freedom to live according to ones beliefs is a fundamental human right that must be protected and defended.

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Gender Ideology

Preserving the conventional family structure and ensuring the welfare of children is paramount to a societal well-being. Biological sex is a fundamental human identity and attempts to redefine gender are harmful to society.


Abortion and Euthanasia

Upholding the sanctity of life – from conception to natural death – is imperative. Every human life is valuable and should be protected.

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Sexualisation of Society

Our society has become immune to the constant bombardment of sexual images and content, dangerously expanding online and through social media. Children are targeted by merchandise and advertising, robbing them of their innocence. ACL is working to combat the far-reaching destructive impacts and aid in restoring societal health.

Indigenous Australians

Building stronger relationships and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is paramount to addressing the issues faced by Indigenous communities. Divisive identity politics undermine the goal of a unified Australia.

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