Using objectified images of women to sell a product is detrimental to women and to men’s views on women.

The unreal world of advertising and marketing not only promotes a woman that doesn’t exist in the real world, but it causes health issues for young women and it contributes to domestic violence and relationship breakdown.

  • Men are sold the lie that there is an ideal woman. Women, from a very young age, are sold the lie that they should try and look that way. And the lie is damaging girls and women.
  • We fight against domestic violence and at the same time degrade women publicly.
  • We fight for women’s rights to equality with men in the workplace while using their bodies to please and entice men in advertising.
  • We run healthy eating campaigns whilst promoting dangerously thin role models for young girls in advertising.
  • We campaign for more women in sport and at the same time objectify them in public with immunity and promote the concept that they are there to be ogled.
  • In much of our modern advertising, women are objectified, insulted or degraded.