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Abortion law override averted – for now

Thank you to all South Australian ACL supporters and others who reacted decisively last week to the news that that Attorney-General’s office had declared that the new COVID-19 Emergency laws would be used to override state abortion laws.

You wrote hundreds of letters (and many more emails) to the State Coordinator, urging him not to breach trust with the community using his new powers to override abortion laws.

It worked! To date the State Coordinator has issued no such direction and as we appear to be on the exit side of the emergency, it is unlikely that he will do so.

His Grace Greek Orthodox Bishop Silouan of Sinope wrote:

“The State Co-ordinator should reject any proposal to over-ride state abortion laws under his Emergency Powers.”

“The risk is too high and counterproductive: 2016 stats for SA Pregnancy Outcomes showed that medical abortion accounted for 82% of all abortion complications. 86% of these required a subsequent medical procedure, hence taking up vitally needed medical facilities and healthcare workers away from COVID-19 treatment.”

A pharmacist wrote:

“As you can imagine, the last several weeks have presented some of the most challenging times… Whilst many positive changes have been implemented due to the emergency… I was saddened to hear of the potential overriding of the current abortion laws regarding medical terminations.”

The quality of the letters, their volume and the speed of your response was wonderful. As the Bible says in another context, “…the thing was done suddenly.”

There is now no further need to write to the State Coordinator. However, as Parliament resumes soon, the major battle to defeat proposed abortion-to-birth legislation looms. We want to equip you and ensure you’re ready for this battle. An online event will be held on 12 May 2020 training you to talk with MPs about this issue.

If you are interested in joining us, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you an invitation.

Thanks to all who wrote and prayed and thanks especially to God.

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