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SA Emergency Leaders Not swayed by Pressure from Pro-Abortionists

Do you remember all those letters South Australians wrote to their State Coordinator, urging him not to use his Covid-19 emergency powers to change abortion law? Recently, South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer wrote:

“The current legislation on abortion was not specifically changed by the [Covid-19 Emergency] Response Act. Accordingly, the legislation governing pregnancy terminations remains as agreed by Parliament prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to not change the current legislation on abortion was influenced by the fact that there was no evidence that this core health service had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

(emphasis, by ACL)

This is the clearest evidence that those like the State Coordinator, the Chief Public Health Officer and others considered but decided against changing the SA abortion laws under the Covid-19 Emergency Powers. They are to be commended for not giving in to organised pressure from the abortion proliferation lobby.

It is also a great encouragement for the hundreds of SA ACL supporters who wrote to the State Coordinator a few weeks ago asking that he not use his emergency powers to change the SA emergency laws. There is no doubt that this response was influential in the decision to not change the laws. There is also no doubt that the many prayers that were offered were answered. It remains true that the effective fervent prayers of the righteous have much effect (James 5:16). THANK YOU and above all PRAISE GOD for this result.

But the abortion proliferators are not done. Last week a new “Coalition” was again calling for loosening of medical abortion laws under the pretext of the Covid-19 including the removal of the need for ultrasounds to assess the stage of the pregnancy.

When a mother sees or hears her baby in an ultrasound, she is less likely to abort. That is why there is a push to remove this obstacle.

It should be universally accepted that the less abortions we have the better. Let this be our aim as we move to defeat the coming abortion-to-birth bill. Join the movement!

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