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South Australia’s abortion-to-birth battle is on!

The abortion-to-birth bill was introduced into the Upper House by Minister Lensink on Wednesday 14 October. This Liberal government supported bill is seeking to legislate for abortion to birth. We must oppose it! Nothing is more important.

The Bill will next be debated on 11 November.

I am speaking at a public meeting on 2 November at Temple College at 7.30 pm to inform and motivate people to be part of the grassroots movement in this key issue.

Please also contact all upper house members to oppose this Bill. You can obtain their details here.

It is also really important to contact you lower house member. Their details can be found here.

As many of you will know we are seeking to have meetings with ACL supporters and many lower house members. Please watch your emails.

You will hear a lot about decriminalisation of abortion. That is a distraction. No woman has been prosecuted for procuring her own abortion this century or probably since 1969 and we are not opposing the movement of the law to the Health Act and the removal of any offence for a woman procuring her own abortion. But we do oppose abortion to birth.

Our Clare Valley community meeting on Sunday 11 October was therefore very timely.  We were privileged to visit this beautiful mid-north town and it was encouraging to see a concerned audience of at least 90 people in attendance.

As in other meetings, I explained the Attorney General’s proposal to allow abortion to birth and ACLs opposition to this.  I also made it clear that the government’s action was in breach of the pre-election understanding given to us all.

You can watch my speech below.

Amanda introduced the book Beautiful Life and she was followed by a very powerful speech from Chris Clisby, who is one of the brave women in the book who have been willing to speak of their personal experience of the effect of abortion.

You can watch Amanda’s and Chris’ speeches below.

Dr Toni Turnbull outlined the significant dangers of MS-2 step (the abortion drug used up to 9 weeks gestation) particularly for country women who may not have close access to emergency care should complications occur.

Jodi Pickard from Love Adelaide informed us that the next Adelaide Walk for Life to be held on 6 February 2021 – save the date!

Please take time to act. Your action is part of the ACL grassroots movement which will “Love them Both”; women and their children, and so defeat this abortion-to-birth bill.

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