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SA the clamp down state

We are being pushed by MPs into a clamp down state which shuts down freedom of speech and facilitates the commercialisation of abortion. The Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020 will ban any communication about abortion within 150 metres of a place where abortions are provided.

Many women are funneled into abortion with no alternatives provided. I have spoken in the last month to two fathers who went with their pregnant wives to an abortion clinic to get an abortion. The people who are now called ‘harassers’ spoke to them outside the clinic and offered them help with their financial problems (which led them to want an abortion).

They decided to not proceed with an abortion and the ‘harassers’ gave or lent them thousands of dollars so they could get through. Best of all they have their children, who are now teenagers.

This is why people need to be able to offer help to women going into a clinic. This is their last chance and the baby’s last chance. Please write to your local MP saying that they should reject the Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020.

The members for Newland, Heysen, Bragg, Reynell Hurtle Vale, Frome and Playford have indicated they will support the Bill. If you are in their electorate you may want to courteously ask them to allow amendments to allow for people to pray silently in a zone with signs that indicate that help is available. The members for West Torrens, Black and Hammond have indicated they will oppose the Bill. If you are in their electorates please contact their office and commend them for their stand.

Very concerningly, Josh Teague, the member for Heysen, wants to take things even further and bring in laws generally stopping protests around medical clinics. We really are heading for a clamp down state.

Above all, please pray much about this issue and the bigger abortion-to-birth issue to come. We dwell under the shadow of the Almighty (Ps 91:1). Let’s talk to him about this grave issue.

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