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Walk for Life!

On Saturday, 8 February 2020, the pro-life gathering in Adelaide, the largest in a generation, marched peacefully to Parliament House to oppose a push for abortion up to birth in State Parliament. Thousands of people from all walks of life gathered at Pennington Gardens for Love Adelaide’s ‘Walk for Life’.

(video by Bree)

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Managing Director Martyn Iles rallied the largest attendance in a generation. Martyn unpacked the radical recommendations and diabolical implications of the South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) report advising the Attorney General to allow abortion for any reason, up to and including birth.

Teeshan Johnson from Cherish Life Queensland, Pastor Dale from Edwardstown Baptist Church and Chelsea Pietsch from Lutherans for Life also spoke.

The massive crowd then made its way up King William Street to Parliament House. The crowd was so long that, marching four or five abreast, it stretched from North Terrace all the way down King William Street across the River Torrens to Memorial Drive.

At Parliament House the crowd heard from Bishop Greg O’Kelly (Roman Catholic Adelaide diocese), Bishop Silouan of Sinope (Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of South Australia and Northern Territory), Juli Sharpe (Genesis Pregnancy Support) and Labor MLC Clare Scriven.

Three extremely courageous women also spoke of the intense emotional and mental turmoil that they experienced after abortion. In the words of one, “I have finally given a voice to my unborn.”

All speakers said that for women’s sake, the proposed abortion to birth legislation in South Australia must be stopped. We were told that under the guise of ‘pro-choice’, women are set on a one-way, choiceless street to accept sole responsibility for the abortion and its consequences without support before or after the abortion. The speakers highlighted the inhumanity of terminating the lives of viable children in one part of the hospital while every resource is used to save the lives of viable children in another.

Martyn poignantly pointed out that those who stand for life may – in the next life – hear the thankful voices of the aborted children silenced in this life. The theme of the day was summarised in two of the key signs carried by many people: “ABORTION TO BIRTH – NOT IN SA” and “LOVE THEM BOTH.”

I urge all people and all churches to be actively involved in giving a voice to the voiceless. Pray, pray, pray, get involved and engage with your local politicians.

For the sake of women and the unborn, let us solemnly resolve to pray and work so that we can say as one: “Abortion to Birth? Not in SA. Rather, we will Love them Both.”

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