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When a loss may be a win

On Wednesday, 23 September the State Lower House passed the Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020. The Bill goes to the Upper House in October.

The Bill creates zones of 150 metres radius (70,000 square metres) around the 12 hospitals in South Australia that perform abortions, in which any public discussion about abortion is prohibited. This will include the Flinders University College of Medicine and Public Health, and such protest ridden areas like the Clare and Burra Community Hospital precincts!

The vote was lost 34 – 9. Minister David Spiers proposed an amendment to that Bill which would have allowed silent public prayer in those zones. While this amendment was defeated, it was very encouraging that the vote was 20 – 24. These are the “noble twenty”:

Brown, M.E.Cowdrey, M.J.Cregan, D.
Duluk, S.Ellis, F.J.Harvey, R.M.
Knoll, S.K.Koutsantonis, A.Luethen, P.
Murray, S.Patterson, S.J.R.Pederick, A.S.
Piccolo, A.Power, C.Sanderson, R.
Speirs, D.J. (teller)Tarzia, V.A.van Holst Pellekaan, D.C.
Whetstone, T.J.Wingard, C.L. 

I have already written directly to each of you who are in the electorates of the “noble twenty”. At the risk of repeating myself, it is now time to contact them and thank them for voting in support of the amendment to allow silent prayer. You will have their contact details in my earlier email, but if you click here you will find their details. Please let me know if you contact them.

Please take a moment to do this. It is very important, particularly as the Abortion to Birth legislation will soon be before the Lower House.

As the Apostle said, “In everything give thanks” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

On Sunday 27 September, Amanda and I and others spoke at Port Pirie on the abortion to birth issue. On 11 October 2020, we will be at the Clare Town Hall at 2 pm, also speaking in relation to the abortion to birth Bill. Please be there if you can.

There is much more going on as well. Nordic Model legislation in relation to prostitution law reform may be close and so may be another run at decriminalisation. Sin never stops. Add to that legislation to ban assisting gender or sexuality confused people seeking pastoral assistance, and euthanasia being considered, it means that SA is facing an, dare I say it, unprecedented attack on truth, life and goodness.

But take heart! Jesus said “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.” So please pray earnestly for our state and for us. Pray for the MPs especially those who are standing for truth and human flourishing.

When days are dark
When nights are long
Hark through the gloom
There is a song!
From above the clouds

It drifts to the ear
I have come
Be of Good Cheer!

Have I not said
Suffering will come
Before you see
The lights of home!

Take heart and stand
O trembling soul
This troubled world
Is not your home.

Soon I’ll come
With trumpets loud
And righteousness
Will again abound.

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