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Hordyk family vindicated

The Human Rights Law Alliance is here to provide assistance, advice and advocacy for ordinary Australians. When the HRLA has a win, we all have a win.

That’s exactly what happened when Byron and Keira Hordyk were finally vindicated after their five year ordeal.

The WA State Tribunal found that the couple were unlawfully discriminated against. This made big news, not just in Australia but around the world.

In the Spectator this week I wrote that the landmark decision is a win for Christian foster care applicants and a victory for common sense and a fair go.

Hostility towards Christianity, and indeed all faiths and religions, is increasing right across Australia, a serious threat to common sense pluralism.

As I wrote, for Australia to flourish, it requires the participation of a variety of people with diverse and conflicting religious beliefs, political convictions, and personal opinions.

Australia’s true diversity of belief, opinions and cultures is a real strength, but unless everyone gets a fair go, we will not thrive and reach our full potential.

The Hordyk decision sets a standard that can’t be ignored. Religious Australians must be given a fair go, and the HRLA will continue to fight to make certain they do.

Read my article in The Spectator Australia here.

Photo credit: ABC News

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