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Trial By Media

Sexual assault allegations are fast becoming the latest tool in the Marxist toolkit of power.

I do not denigrate the serious nature of these things by saying this – in fact, I am trying to give them the dignity they deserve.

Because what we’re seeing is not really about the wellbeing of victims.

It is not really about justice and the rule of law.

It is so often not about truth at all.

It is about the political power an allegation carries.

This trial by media – the pile-on mentality towards Porter, Reynolds, Campbell, Morrison, and who knows who’s next – long before any sort of due process has been followed, is – for some – pure politics in an election year. Indeed, they know the female vote is the government’s biggest weakness (it is).

Rape allegations have been politically weaponised.

Anyone who is politically connected to the incident, or who dares to speak about it as a conservative, will find themselves in the crosshairs.

The prize is Scott Morrison.

Will he sack Porter over a 33-year-old allegation, without evidence, which a clearly shattered Porter says never happened?

Will he sack Reynolds over the failure to keep pursuing a matter after the complainant asked to drop it?

Will he sack Campbell for daring to advise military women to stay safe?

Of course he shouldn’t, but public perception is against him, thanks to the media’s politicking.

Indeed, is he just an apologist for rapists? Is he the problem? Does he just not get it? Comments from the Australian of the Year are being used/twisted to suggest that he is.

The continuing pressure on him from the media pack will be enormous.

Meanwhile, mum’s the word about allegations against Bill Shorten, which most have never heard of.

Sexual assaults are not political playthings. Treating them as such is going to ruin the good name of people whose life work has been to build it up.

More than that, it’s going to harm victims for whom trial by media will ultimately prove traumatic.

And the ultimate casualty will be truth and justice, which affects us all.

We’ve seen how bad this gets from American examples, like the Kavanaugh hearings. I fear it’s coming to Australia, too.

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