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Trump: Guilty of Insurrection. Really?

If Trump directly incited violence in a post, I’d support its removal and even a warning being given not to do so again, because I think direct incitement to violence is the point at which speech should not be free.

The issue is, he never did that. That’s the great beat up here. The overwhelming thrust of his comments were the dead opposite – calling for law, order, calm, peace, and condemning violence.

But because he said the three words, “fight like hell”, in one Tweet about opposing electoral fraud, they say he directly incited an insurrection. That is deliberately one-eyed and unfair, and clearly not his intent.

Yet they’ve banned him. Social media companies have silenced the sitting, democratically elected President of the USA.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Ayatollah, China’s Communist Party, and others use social media freely.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue to communicate, having inflicted violence on America for many months.

Meanwhile, Democrat politicians have been suggesting there should be unrest for months.

Nancy Pelosi said,

“Maybe there should be uprisings all over the country”.

And in the midst of riots and looting, Kamala Harris said,

“To everyone keeping up the fight – you are doing something great. You are heroes of our time”.

Meanwhile, this and worse has been going on since Kathy Griffin held up an effigy of Trump’s severed head and shared it on social media.

The mainstream media repeat, over and over, from one side of the globe to the other, the lie that Donald Trump directly incited an insurrection. This is now considered incontrovertible and impeachment seems imminent.

Truth is almost dead in the public square. Only the lust for political power remains.

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