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Our first National Day of Action for 2021

A massive thank you.

Thank you for taking part in our first National Day of Action for 2021.

Over a hundred volunteers hit the phones for our NSW campaign on Saturday. Around half of these were new volunteers, phone canvassing for the first time.

As well as phoning, volunteers used text messages to reach supporters who needed more information or who couldn’t talk on phone. Over a third of our large NSW supporter base was contacted. 

107 volunteers took part with 51 new volunteers phone canvassing for the first time. A total 8,679 phone calls were made with a total 7,890 people contacted in person or by text. 

The phone campaign was truly critical. We found on average that…

These show just how much a phone call was needed to highlight this bill. We also know supporters who heard about the bill didn’t just fill out the survey themselves – they also shared it with others.

A team of ten people from Canberra and interstate were supporting the National Day of Action into NSW and WA at ‘campaign headquarters’. The phones ran hot for 3-4 hours talking to NSW supporters who had missed calls from volunteers. Here, a further 447 more conversations were had with supporters about the bill.

There was a buzz in the office after the Zoom debrief at 2pm. 

One young man had reported,

“I called a guy named Mark and he answered, Mark Latham. I said, is that the Mark Latham. He said yes. He said he’d ‘done a bit more to support the bill than complete the survey.’ He was happy to hear that we were calling.”

Another volunteer wrote,

“Most people were interested even if busy and after quick outline they wanted the link to fill out. This was my first time volunteering and I loved being part of this. Thank you.”

Mark Latham MLC’s ‘parental rights’ bill is important legislation which could see the banning of NSW schools from teaching gender fluidity and respect parents’ role to teach their children about identity, gender, and sexuality as they see fit. Volunteers called NSW supporters to let them know about the bill and the survey they could fill out to support it. The survey was closing on Sunday 28 February.

Together, through the efforts of the volunteers on Saturday we were able to see tremendous support offered to this bill.

For those asking, what can we do now to support this bill? Continue to contact your local MPs – and urge others to do the same – because their support will be crucial to see the ‘parental rights’ bill progress.

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved. Especially to those who jumped onto the phones for the first time as well as well as those who stayed on the phones, calling until 6pm!

Can you take a moment to think who else you may be able to encourage to join us as a volunteer? We’ll train them as we’re training you. They just need to register here.

Thank you again for your amazing efforts!

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