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Thank you to all our volunteers!

On Saturday our volunteers hit the phones again in three campaigns. 

Amid the thousands of calls, we saw hundreds of Queenslanders alerted to the life issues at stake in the upcoming election, over 1,000 much needed care calls were made into Victoria and hundreds of messages left with Dan Andrews’ office, advocating for for the re-opening of churches in COVID-free regional Victoria. And hundreds are now signed up for a special forum to hear the grassroots vision.

You advocated for life, religious freedom and for others to put feet to their faith. A heartfelt thank you.

Here are some numbers from the day:

Again we saw God at work with the timing of phone calls. The response to one call into Victoria was,

“Thank God you are calling,” followed by tears.

This lady had just received news of a family member dying. Her mother in Perth was in palliative care and she couldn’t visit her. They prayed together.

Another prayed with a man who was struggling with his faith and had been crying out to God. Another answered the call from the delivery room. His wife had just given birth to a son!

Those calling into Queensland thanked God for the privilege to be able to speak up for the unborn:

“About half (of those I spoke to Queensland) didn’t know what party supported pro-life.”

“Most are sick of the major parties.”

We are so encouraged by you all and for this opportunity to be salt and light, together, in Australia.

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