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NSW: Christians unite to make truth public

It was wonderful to see so many NSW supporters attend the “Meet the New NSW Coordinator” online meeting last Wednesday. I’m looking forward to serving alongside you in the future!

We gathered to discuss some of the important issues that are currently being addressed by our state and federal governments – including Mark Latham’s bill to ban schools from teaching gender fluidity, religious freedom and others.

The highlight of the night for me was the opportunity to talk about the vision that God has given to each one of us – to be salt and light in our nation – and how important your voice is to help make truth public.

Together, we’re creating a Christian grassroots movement that can stand up for what is good and true in our increasingly secular society – and I’m thrilled that you are part of it.

The following day, I met with church leaders in Western Sydney, along with Andrew Wall, our National Political Director. We discussed the effectiveness of the grassroots movement approach of ACL and the political and social issues we’re facing in NSW.

It was a privilege to spend time with church leaders, answer questions, and discuss how important it is for individual Christians – and churches – to be a voice for truth in these challenging times. Our partnership is more important than ever before.

Thank you, sincerely, to all who participated and prayed for these events in NSW. We’ll keep you posted about upcoming events on the website and look forward to seeing you!

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