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City of Perth Nativity – You made a difference

Thanks to you, our supporters, the plans to scuttle the City of Perth’s much loved and popular Nativity Event have not quite turned out as the scuttlers had hoped!

The 1,200 letters and emails that our supporters sent to the City Commissioners and to the Mayoral Candidates sure had an impact!

Four of the mayor candidates Tim Schwass, Basil Zemplis, Brodie McCullogh and Mark Gibson went on public record to say that if elected, they would support the reinstatement of the Nativity Event.

When it was first announced that several concerts in Forrest Place would replace the Nativity Event in the Supreme Court Gardens, a Commissioner stated that these concerts ‘may’ have carols and ‘may’ have parts of the nativity scene. No guarantees! But thanks to your 1,200 emails and letters and a petition organised by one of our supporters, their decision was put back on the agenda for their meeting on 25 August.

The Commissioners bowed to the pressure and agreed that:

The social benefit of traditional nativity content remains a key objective and outcome of the concerts;

The nativity content is delivered at a scale that is appropriate to the new venue to increase accessibility over a number of nights.

It was also stated that: The program will respectfully acknowledge the Christian aspect of Christmas.

Churches, community groups and schools will shortly be invited to lodge expressions of interest to contribute items for the five Sunday evening concerts leading up to Christmas.

Thank you for helping to keep Christ in Christmas!

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