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WA: Worldview camp changes lives

ACL again partnered with Geoff and Sally Westlake of OAC Ministries to give Year 9-12 students the opportunity to attend the Worldview Australia Leadership Camp on the outskirts of Perth WA (Jan 15-21).

Over six days the 100+ campers participated in small group discussions, processing the 25 lively lectures, each designed to strengthen their faith and help them build a solid Christian worldview and a grounding in apologetics.

Topics ranged from Truth Foundations, The Reliability of the Bible, Resurrection Evidence, Gender and Worldviews, Servant Leadership, and Success. The delegates also went out into the local town centre to talk to strangers about their worldview. Due to the 40+ degree temperature, the streets were somewhat deserted, but most campers found someone to talk to!

The lecturers helped young people see through the false ideologies that are increasingly shaping our society, and discussed how to counter them by digging into the foundations, examining their underlying assumptions, and exposing their false foundations.

Among the six speakers was ACL’s WA State Director, Peter Abetz, who presented five of the lectures.

While the lectures and small groups discussions were serious business, there was also time for fun, including an afternoon of games in the pool with the winning group claiming ownership of the coveted Vegemite Cup. Many described it as, “The best camp I have ever attended.” 

The Worldview Australia Camp is modelled on the Worldview Academy Camps which have been running in the US for decades, having trained over 42,000 young people. It is planning to run another camp in January 2023.

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