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SA: Reject the Abortion to Birth Bill

The Abortion to Birth debate in SA has now entered the parliamentary stage and your help is needed to stand against it.

Abortion is currently available in SA up to 23 weeks if two doctors think the mother’s life, or her physical or mental health is at risk. After 23 weeks, abortion is only available to save a mother’s life.

About 4,000 babies are aborted each year in SA for these reasons.

The proposed Bill will allow abortion after 22 weeks and 6 days gestation up to and including birth if two doctors think it’s “medically appropriate.”

Senator Antic describes this as “a brutal Bill,” and 71% of South Australians voted against the proposed changes in an Advertiser Poll last week.

You can find out more by attending the following public meetings…

Now is the time to raise your voice to protect unborn babies in SA!

Abortion must not be available after 23 weeks – when a child is capable of being born alive – unless the mother’s life is in danger. Furthermore, abortion coercion should be an offence and mandatory information must be provided to women.

You can listen to messages shared at the public meeting held on 2 November:

Senator Antic:

Dr Turnbull:

Christopher Brohier:

Andrea Loughead:

Please share this information with other concerned South Australians and encourage them to resist this brutal Bill and protect the unborn!

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