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SA Christians continue the fight for life

As the Abortion to Birth Bill moves to the Lower House for debate, I want to thank you for helping to oppose the Bill.

Tragically, the Upper House voted to allow Abortion to Birth, and rejected an amendment which would have banned gender selection abortion.

They knew they were voting to allow babies to be born and left to die, or to sanction the in utero killing of living, unborn children, which is feticide. Yet they did so.

The Hon. David Ridgway said, “The rejection of the prohibition of gender selection abortion shows that those who promoted this Bill did not care for women or children.

Thousands of ACL supporters made phone calls and wrote letters to their MPs to voice their opposition to this iniquitous Bill. Their efforts were inspiring.

One woman who has worked as a midwife wrote to her MP…

“A foetus is not a thing to be dispensed with at will, but a human life created by God. I know of a mother, who ignorantly it seems, had a late-term abortion. She was so shocked at seeing her beautiful deceased child in a bedpan, she swore never to do such a thing again.

“I wonder what her mental health is now? Was she really given different options, and offered the support, had she made a different choice?

“I am totally opposed to this new legislation. I am not alone, as in a recent poll 70% of people spoke against it too. Remember us, the voters, who look with horrified interest at the outcome of this issue, and seriously consider who to vote for at the next election.”

Letters like these are crucial to the ongoing fight to protect unborn babies in SA. The Bill will go to the Lower House for debate in February 2021 and I urge you to continue to fight for every vote.

If you have not yet made your voice heard on this issue, please call or write to your local members to ask them to oppose this Bill—and ask your family and friends to do the same.

Please also thank the nine MPs who voted against the Bill in the Upper House. They are the Honourable:

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