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SA: Pro-women, Pro-life on the Move

The successful WEEP (Women Ending Exploitation by Prostitution) conference which was held on 23 July has given an impetus to the move to enact the Nordic or Equality Model of prostitution law reform in SA. If this occurs SA will again lead the way in standing for women, especially vulnerable women. 

The conference heard from international experts including Associate Professors Helen Pringle and Joanna Howe, as well as from survivors, MPs and Wendy Francis from ACL. Wendy enlightened us with the story of a courageous Christian woman Josephine Butler who helped stop the sale of young girls in London in the 19th century. Of particular poignancy was Dee’s Story – the story of an Adelaide survivor.

You can watch it here:

You can learn more about WEEP by going to their website here:

On the pro-life front, one of our partners Genesis Pregnancy Services is holding a film night on 8 September from 6.30pm. The flyer below gives you all the information. Please come.

Finally ACL is supporting the C3 Salisbury Church’s Rise Up conference on 17 September. The aim of the conference is to equip year 8-12 kids to face the woke culture and stand for the Gospel of Christ. This year James Parker from True Identity will speak on the ideology that drives the sex confusing and same-sex movements. I will also be speaking. Please encourage your church’s youth group to attend. The details are:

Date: Saturday 17th September

Time: 10:00am – 3:30pm

Location: 16-22 Clayson Road Salisbury East 

Cost: $20 per person Earlybird, $30 per person after the 20th August

Registration price includes morning tea and lunch 

School grade: 8-12

You can also register yourself and/or your youth by scanning the QR code or by emailing [email protected]

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