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Oppressive laws proposed for Tasmania

Urgent meetings will be held next week to inform you about oppressive restrictions and legislation being proposed for Tasmania. This is a matter of great importance for all Tasmanians, especially parents, health practitioners and pastors.

The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI) recently released a report titled, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conversion Practices. The Report recommends banning a wide range of conduct for parents, health practitioners and religious and other leaders.

It will reach right into kitchen table discussions, health practitioners’ clinics, academic conferences, and pastors’ counselling rooms, by asserting that normal discussions and exchanges of ideas are either harmful practices or promote hate speech and child abuse.

The Report asserts that conduct that promotes thoughtful clinical care is harmful, dangerous and amounts to incitement of hatred. This means that a parent who questions a child’s sudden manifestation of gender confusion and says, “You should seek some counselling,” may be in breach of the law. Further, that conduct may be deemed child abuse.

The wide definition of hate speech means that the proclamation of Biblical truths of sexual conduct and the creational order of male and female will open people up to complaints of hate speech and the like.

Alarmingly, the Premier said in Budget Estimates on Monday 6 June 2022,

“I support acting on the recommendations of the Law Reform Institute report. As I was about to explain, the Attorney-General and I are working together on these matters. I will be leading the change.”

Your help is needed to show the Premier and the Liberal Government that there are many, many people who strongly oppose these proposed laws and ask the Government to conduct a proper and unbiased inquiry before considering any new laws.

To that end, please register to attend an urgent meeting next week in Hobart (Wed. 15 June) or Launceston (Thur. 16 June). At these information evenings, you will hear more about the proposed legislation and the content of the Report and its consequences for you and your family. Professor John Whitehall will also present on the impact of the proposed laws for proper care for confused young people.

Please also take a moment to ring your local MP and tell them that you do not support oppressive legislation as is proposed by the TLRI. It is important to act quickly.  You can find the details of your MPs by clicking here.  

During this time Dark MOFO is happening here in Tasmania. We encourage you to earnestly pray for light in Tasmania and the work of the Holy Spirit to be manifest during the Dark MOFO events. We, as Tasmanians, need God more than ever and there is much to pray for!

Remember also, every time a cross appears across Hobart we can rejoice and tell others that Jesus has triumphed over all the works of darkness in and through the cross, as the Bible says in Colossians 2:15, “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a public example of them, triumphing over them (including all the darkness of Dark MOFO) by the cross.” 

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