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Standing up for traditional biblical views on sexuality and gender in Tasmania

BACKGROUND: The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute’s Report‘s recommendations will have a major impact on all Tasmanians. They have the potential to criminalise the caring conduct of parents, siblings, friends, health practitioners, pastors and other leaders. The impact of this is real and very serious. The Report outlines behaviours that would be deemed as ‘conversion practices’, which could lead to parents, pastors and practitioners being accused of hate speech or child abuse for holding traditional biblical views on sexuality and gender.

It was great to see over 100 people attend the meeting on Monday night in Ulverstone, Tasmania. This was the third information meeting held to discuss the Report released by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, titled Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conversion Practices. Over the last month, over 400 Tasmanians have attended meetings to find out more about the Implications of this Report and the legislation it proposes. It’s encouraging to see that so many people are wanting to stand up to express their opinions.

In Launceston and Hobart, Professor John Whitehall presented on the implications of the Report from a clinician’s point of view. At each meeting Christopher Brohier, ACL Political Director (Tas.), spoke on the impact the proposals may have for Tasmanian families, professionals, pastors and, most importantly, our children.

In Ulverstone, we had the pleasure of hearing from Mr Felix Ellis, MP for Braddon, who highlighted the fact that the Report was written by a non-government body. He mentioned that there will be a formal consultation period that all Tasmanians can take part in before any legislation is tabled in Parliament. Mr Ellis expressed his desire to hear from his constituents and have conversations about what the recommendations are and what the laws of Tasmania could look like. He welcomes the opportunity to speak with anyone who reaches out, and has promised to listen with open ears and an open heart. As Mr Ellis said, the point is to build a brighter and better future for all Tasmanians, particularly our children!

A sincere thank you to all who have attended these events and also followed up by signing the ePetition and contacting MPs. It is crucial that this is done and our MPs hear our voice.

We encourage you to continue writing to your MPs, phoning them or visiting them in their offices to express your opinion and state that you do not want to see the proposed legislation passed in Tasmania.

Your voice is so important as we stand up to protect our children and the most vulnerable in our society. Action over apathy!

Above all else, pray without ceasing as these proposals are discussed.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective – James 5:16b

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