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Overview of the U.S. presidential election

As you may know, votes are being recounted in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia—and possibly other states. Will this change the outcome of the U.S. presidential election? Probably not.

Overall, it was not the Trump wipeout predicted by the polls and hoped for by the media. Trump won 7 million more votes than he did in 2016. But Biden won 9 million more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, so Biden looks to win.

The election may ultimately come down to 80,000 or so votes in two or three key swing states. However, Republicans look set to keep control of the senate. If so, a Biden government will be severely limited by the Senate.

Many Australians don’t understand the suspicions around the election and think it’s all conspiratorial. But consider what Trump supporters experienced. When they went to bed on election night…

It looked like an unassailable victory for Trump. Then, Biden came out during the night and said, “We’re on track to win.” It was like Trump smelled a rat and he said, “There’s fraud. They better not find a swag of blue votes at 4am.”

Well, that’s basically what happened. Trump supporters woke up to hear that bags of votes were found at 4am and there was a spectacular turnaround. Then came an avalanche of reports of voter fraud – all in favour of Biden.

Questions therefore need to be answered. If you have a significant portion of the population who feel cheated, that’s going to be a cancer in society.

Maybe there is a perfectly innocent explanation. If so, it will become clear. The point of the Trump campaign’s lawsuits is to test the evidence. They’re going to look at the scrutiny and the timing of the mail-in ballots in key states.

Thousands of whistleblowers have come forward and the legal teams are working through their reports. Those allegations need to be checked because the integrity of the system is at stake.

Republicans say, “We need to be able to scrutinise the votes because it’s the law.” And, “We need to be able to have late ballots excluded because it’s the law.” There’s no funny business behind that—that’s following the law.

Yet the behaviour of the Democrats in response has been extremely aggressive.

Mind you, imagine what could happen if it gets to the Supreme Court. They could say, “Yes, we agree with the evidence that 633,000 ballots did not get scrutinised—so they’re excluded.” Or, “Yes, we agree with the evidence that something strange happened with 100,000 ballots in Michigan at 4am—so they’re excluded.” And that could change the outcome of the election.

So, it’s messy. But it’s important for the world—not just America—that American elections are free, fair, and transparent. It’s a matter of integrity to check that all is well, and if it is—good. But if not, it’s important that it’s fixed.

The controversy shouldn’t be made worse by dismissing Trump supporters’ concerns and arrogantly saying claims of fraud are, “baseless, unsubstantiated rubbish.” Why on earth doesn’t the media investigate the evidence?

There is a radical strand of society on the left in America. Wrongs are committed and are justified for the sake of obtaining power from people they hate. Do you think someone who sets fire to a church wouldn’t mess with ballots? Of course they would!

Jennifer Rubin, a well-known journalist, said,

“It’s not only that Donald Trump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively burn down the Republican party. We have to level them because if there are survivors they will do it again.”

This radical strand has shown through their conduct that they stand for power at any cost, hatred of the other, and suppression of those who threaten power. They see the lawsuits as a grab for power and they will fiercely oppose them.

All you and I can do is pray that the truth is uncovered.

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