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Vic: Another school crosses the line

Two incidents at Victorian schools are a wakeup call for parents – because many schools are becoming breeding grounds for political activism.

During a “Diversity and inclusion” lesson, a youth worker ordered a group of Year 11 students at Parkdale Secondary College to stand up if they were white, male and Christian, and then labelled them “oppressors.”

The male students reported feeling shocked, ashamed and targeted.

What have these boys done to be labelled “oppressors”?

There was also an incident at Brauer College a few weeks earlier – when male students were ordered to stand and apologise to female students for sexual harassment and offensive behaviours they did not commit.

Of course, many females have experienced sexual harassment and assault. But on what basis can all males be publicly shamed for the crimes of others?

If these two reported incidents concern you, imagine how many more incidents like these occur in Victorian state schools behind closed doors.

With Safe Schools programs mandatory in all secondary state schools, Respectful Relationships rolling out to more primary and secondary schools, and Sexuality Education being integrated into Health and Physical Education, anything from gender theory to identity politics could be taught to your children without your knowledge or consent.

For example, the Victorian Respectful Relationships program – designed for children from foundation to VCE level – teaches children as young as 4 years old to challenge and dismantle gender stereotypes. This paves the way to gender theory and intersectionality.

When you read through the whole program, you can’t help but feel that this is dangerous information that seeks to indoctrinate children from a young age. The program’s foundation level resource on page 36 states…

The early school years are a critical time to challenge stereotypes based on gender and other differences. It is useful to do explicit work with children to acknowledge, explore and celebrate diverse identities. This helps them realise that their likes and dislikes do not have to be limited by their gender or any other characteristics and that their preferences and interest can change and evolve over time.

This program should concern parents because it is foreseeable that young children who go through the whole Respectful Relationships program from prep to Year 12 could graduate as advocates for gender theory and identity politics, if not as Cultural Marxist activists.

Nonetheless, there are still children who have discernment. Children themselves have expressed feeling “disgust” over the explicit sexuality education and have reported feeling “uncomfortable” when transgenderism was taught at school. Only a few have been brave enough to speak out but it shows there is still common sense among our kids.

Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent of school aged children – or a concerned citizen – let’s not despair but continue to fight for parental rights and the protection of our children.

During the last school holidays, over 80 parents and grandparents joined me on a Zoom call to discuss their concerns about schools and ways they can take action.

It’s time to voice our concerns to the Minister for Education and other MPs. Politicians need to understand the concerns of their constituents and hear the stories of our children who are not comfortable with these radical programs being taught in their schools. It’s time to revive the conversation about these programs!

Therefore, let me encourage you to take a few actions…

Recently, the government has also started teaching our children about sexual consent at school. Let’s send a strong message about the rights of parents to lead this important conversation. It’s unreasonable for the government to teach our children about sexual consent – while denying parents the right to consent to what their children are taught at school!

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