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‘I want to know more about this Jesus’

A man from a non-Christian background found his curiosity awakened when his daughter started attending a Christian school in Geraldton and came home talking about Jesus.

Then the opportunity to find out more came to his own doorstep – in a random encounter with a teacher from the same school.

A Geraldton Christian College teacher and his wife had volunteered for the Australian Christian Lobby gospel of John campaign, which is bringing 20,000 gospels to homes in Geraldton and the broader Durack electorate.

They were letterbox dropping gospels in Geraldton when they met the man and his family outside his home.

“He asked what we were doing and when he found out he was very excited,” the teacher said.

“He said ‘I want to know more about this Jesus that my daughter is talking about’.

“It was a great encounter – that incident alone made all of our letterboxing efforts worthwhile.”

Numbers of College staff and parents put their hands up to help distribute the gospels, while the College also threw its support behind the campaign in other ways.

Year 10 students put their feet to faith, taking to the streets to deliver about 700 copies to Geraldton homes as part of their Biblical Life & Worldview (BLW) studies.

BLW is the school’s endorsed course for Kindy to Year 12, which encourages students to examine life, worldview and culture through a Biblical lens.

BLW Teacher Lizette Labuschagne said she was delighted by how students embraced the opportunity to share the gospel.

“They have been amazing,” she said. “They pray in small groups before and at the end of each session – and have also have reflected on how easy it is to spread the Word of God today, compared to how hard it must have been for the disciples who did not have printed gospels.

“They also recognise how blessed we are to have the freedom to express our faith and not be prosecuted, like Christians in some countries. May God bless the homes that are receiving these gospels from our students.”

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