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Sexualised billboard is gone!

Thanks to you and others creating a massive public outcry, the pornographic billboard in Osborne Park has come down, even though Ad Standards gave the billboard the thumbs up.

One of the local news media claimed it was the most complained about advertisement in Australian history!

The lady who used it to promote her ‘Only Fans’ porn site gave in to the pressure and changed it to her wearing a cardigan, and instead of a QR code to her porn site, it had the name of a charity that recycles clothing and it’s QR code.

But that was only up for a few days, and last Thursday the billboard was changed again carrying advertising for a brand of beer that plays on the raunchy theme of the original billboard. 

When the billboard first went up, our WA State Director, Peter Abetz lodged a formal complaint with Ad Standards, as did many individuals and several other organisations. Despite the advertisement clearly being in breach of the voluntary code of ethics that advertisers are required to adhere to, the Ad Standards Panel dismissed all complaints.

ACL has submitted a formal request to have the decision of the Ad Standards Panel reviewed by the Independent Reviewer. WA State Director said:

“Even though the billboard has come down, we need to hold the Ad Standards Panel to account. They have a clear code of ethics by which to judge an advertisement, as well as explanatory notes, and they have simply ignored the rules. The Panel is required to have regard to ‘prevailing community standards’.

“Given the broad public outrage, it was plain for all to see that the advertisement did not conform to prevailing community standards. In fact, under WA occupational health and safety rules, the image that was on the billboard cannot be displayed in a workplace. Yet somehow, by some bizarre mental gymnastics, the Panel decided that it is acceptable to expose children to sexual images, even though they are prohibited in workplaces.”

Let’s pray that the Independent Reviewer will make a sound judgement so that advertisers will be more reluctant to put up pornographic billboards.

If you have not yet signed the ACL petition calling for all outdoor advertising to be G-rated, you can do so here.

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