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WA: The Rally for Life is back!

Last year The Rally for Life was cancelled for the first time in 22 years, due to COVID restrictions. But this year The Rally for Life is back, thanks to the joint efforts of a coalition of various pro-life groups, including ACL.

The Coalition for the Defence of Human Life is preparing for the biggest impact Rally for Life yet!

Tragically, abortion continues to be the biggest cause of death in WA. Since abortion on demand up to 20 weeks was legalised in Western Australia on May 20, 1998, over 190,000 babies have never seen the light of day, or felt the warm embrace of their parents.

Late term abortions are allowed with approval of two doctors drawn from a small secret panel. We know that at least 27 late term abortions have resulted in babies being born alive – and then left to die. No medical assistance. No effort to ease their suffering.

The Hon Nick Goiran managed to pressure the Government to order a coronial inquiry into those deaths, but the Government refuses to release the report.

Imagine the outcry if unwanted baby animals were simply left to die! Or if a baby animal was not given pain relief for a veterinary procedure. But our laws don’t mandate pain management for babies killed through late term abortions, even though they do feel pain.

The importance of holding the pro-life rally each year has not diminished. In fact, with a growing number of states passing laws to allow abortion right up to birth for any and every reason, we need to let our MPs know that there is an army of people who stand for life. That no life is disposable at any time!

The Labor Government is committed to shutting down prayer vigils outside abortion clinics by legislating 150m exclusion zones around such facilities, even though their presence has resulted in some mothers changing their mind and giving their babies the opportunity of life.

The necessary permits are in place for The Rally for Life – all we need now is you and your friends to attend! Here are the details…

When: Wednesday June 16. Registration begins at 6.30pm, Rally starts at 7pm and finishes at 8.30pm.

Where: Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, West Perth (car park and grassed areas).

Due to COVID restrictions, we are asking you to book your free ticket to The Rally for Life here:   

See you there! 

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