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My thoughts on the new PM

The last several days have been remarkable with our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, making some serious waves—and headlines.

First, there was his response to a 47,000 strong Change.org petition asking that “conversion therapy” be outlawed in Australia.  

The six-month-old petition, described the “therapy” by a church-based support group, was not an arm of psychology or even demonstrably practiced in clinics around Australia.  

Even so, the SBS, ABC and Sydney Morning Herald, all demanded a response.  

Much was made of the new Prime Minister’s Evangelical Christian faith and how that might affect how he would respond.  

Mr Morrison  said the issue, “doesn’t really concern me.”  

If this was a test—the results have come back positive.  

The new Prime Minister of Australia will not be cowed by LGBTQI+ activism and bullying.    

And the sound of enraged blogging could be heard from Newtown to Glebe.  

On the same day (Monday) he spoke with 2GB Radio’s Allan Jones. They both agreed that Victoria’s school program, Building Respectful Relationships—gender-theory propaganda masquerading as an “anti-domestic violence” program—which includes extended role play” for year 9 children, made his “skin crawl”.  

Not finished yet, on Wednesday our new Prime Minister Tweeted from his account against the “gender whisperers” in our schools.  

“Let kids be kids”, he said, linking to the front page of the Daily Telegraph, which reported an alarming 236% increase of Aussie schoolkids being sent for “transitioning” therapy in the last three years.   

Have a look at the media release I wrote at the time.  

I have since written to the NSW Education Minister asking for an urgent audit of the professional standards development guidelines.  

Scott Morrison may have made himself public enemy #1 for gender-activists (the SBS ran an article which offered a summary of the best responses against his so called ‘hateful’ comments, and the The Project pitted him against a child with gender-dysphoria while Buzzfeed applauded), but it’s been a good week for those of us united by a clear understanding of biology.  

It’s clear that the new Prime Minister is made of stern stuff.  

I am sure I’m not the only one to suddenly feel a little more positive about what might lie ahead for parental rights. 

Just be sure to share it with your friends and family so together we can continue to amplify the message of parents right across the nation. 

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