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Prostitution is not just sex, it’s a violent trade

Comments by the Sex Industry Network reported in ABC news that prostitution “is just sex …it does not bother anyone” are contrary to the evidence says the Australian Christian Lobby.  

As reported in the UK Telegraph yesterday decriminalising prostitution leads to an increase in demand which leads to increased trafficking, violence and coercion.  

“Prostitution is not just sex, it’s a violent trade” said ACL state director Christopher Brohier.  

“Attorney General Vickie Chapman’s comments reported in the same ABC article dismissing concerns of sex work along Hanson Road in Woodville Gardens and Croydon, must also be challenged.  

“Saying ‘It’s wall-to-wall services down there anyway,’ is disrespectful to residents of the western suburbs and does not justify decriminalisation” commented Mr Brohier.  

“I have attended street meetings in the western suburbs on this issue and heard stories of mums on their way home work being propositioned by men and parents being asked by young children what the women are doing.   

It is clear this is an issue needing a proper and considered legislative response rather than a dismissal and an acceptance because it is ‘down there’” said Mr Brohier.  

Australian Christian Lobby urges the Attorney General to support the Nordic Model of prostitution law reform which would criminalise the conduct of buyers and help end the kerb crawling problems in the western suburbs.  

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